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FAQs | Xodus Carnival | Jamaica
Xodus Carnival | FAQs
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I am a 2017 masquerader who has registered directly with the band. What do I need to prove this?

Valid ID (Driver’s permit/Passport/National ID) in whose name the costume is registered. School ID will not be accepted.

Are there Xodus representatives in other countries/are there people who I can pay to guarantee registration in Xodus 2017 presentation?

Xodus has affiliate members/ Ambassadors that reside internationally. But all payments internationally should only be made via www.xoduscarnival.com.

What payment methods will be accepted for registration?
  • Direct Deposit – NCB USD$ Savings Account #394097837. Dream Entertainment Ltd, Constant Spring Financial Center


  • Paypal – Please send payment to ron@jamaicadreamweekend.com, Plus 6% online fees.


  • Credit Card at www.xoduscarnival.com or Suite#30 Winchester Business CenterDream Ent Ltd Office.


  • Cash – Suite #30, Winchester Business Center – Dream Ent Ltd Office.
Can I get a refund for my costume deposit for any reason?

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

Can I get frontline pieces with my backline costume?

Frontline costume pieces are not optional for backline purchase.

Can I buy any extra pieces with my costume?

Yes you can! Standard extra options are underwear styles (Thong, boy shorts, and bikini). Additional pieces such as feathered headpieces, backpacks etcetera will be indicated as an option where applicable.

What information will be required for registration?

ALL masqueraders must provide the following information for registration:


General Information
• Name
• Date of Birth
• Email Address (1 per masquerader)
• Phone Number (including area code)
• Meal Preference


• Bra Size
• Underwear Size


• Pants Size (waist)
• Chest size: S, M, L etc.)

What happens if I input inaccurate information into the registration system?

After registration there will be neither size/section changes nor amendments to the registration information. We require you to be as accurate as you can, changes WILL NOT be accommodated.

Can someone else collect a costume on my behalf?

Yes they can, we understand that some masqueraders may not have the time or be in the country to collect at distribution time, please have your representative collect your costume with a detailed signed letter, a XODUS receipt and a copy of your Valid ID. We will request a Valid ID from your authorized person as well.

I missed my section/s distribution date, what can I do?

You can collect your costume at a later date. Please note that your wait time maybe longer as the section/s scheduled on that date will be given priority.

What is my section line up?

Section line up will be released closer to Carnival Sunday, please check our Social Media platforms and website for updates.

Where can I find future updates about the band after registration?

Xodus will contact you directly via emails; however you can also catch up with us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website.

I have a question that was not addressed above, who can I contact for more information?

Please email queries to costumes@xoduscarnival.com Please note it may take up to 48 hours to receive a response due to the influx of emails we receive on a daily basis.


Your registration details are below:


2017 Masqueraders: January 11th – March 1st


Male: USD$200
Backline: USD$200
Frontline: USD$200


ALL masqueraders are required to provide the following information at registration:


Bra Size: 32B, 34C, etc.
Belt Size: 32″, 34″, 36″; etc.
Underwear Size: XS, S, M, L etc.


Pants/Waist Size: 32″, 34″, 36″, etc.
T-shirt: S, M, L, XL etc.






  • There are various options available (feathered head pieces, backpacks etc). Be certain to register for the costume type you desire. Please note options are subject to availability upon registration.


  • Exchange or switching of sections/costumes/costume type etc., will not be facilitated upon completion of your registration.


  • Changing of measurements or sizes will not be facilitated after registration is complete.


  • Costume transfers WILL NOT be facilitated after registration is complete.


  • Sections designed with wire bras are NOT AVAILABLE in sizes larger than 36D.


  • It is important for each masquerader to submit their own email address and phone number upon registration. Your registration cannot be completed without it. (It will also help us to notify you of updates on your costume package)


  • Please read all information on our FAQ’s before proceeding with your registration, as this will help you in your queries about XODUS and the registration process.


  • Due to numerous instances of attempted fraud, XODUS reserves the right to; refuse registration, request ID from registered masqueraders and/or to contact registered masqueraders for verification purposes at our discretion especially in the attempt to re-sell.