Xodus Jamaica Carnival | ENVY
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Be ENVY-ED by ALL and jump with the most premium section in Xodus Carnival 2019. Enjoy ultra-premium service, amenities and fabulous costumes to die for.
Be the ENVY-ED!

More To ENVY

Ultra Premium Experience


Air Conditioned Truck on Road


Truck Access to all Trucks in the Parade (Except Aria’s truck)


Waiter Service during Parade


Private Express Costume Distribution

Xodus Merchandise*


Complimentary Tickets to Lead up Events*


Dedicated Photographer (to be named)


*Xodus will e-mail Envy clients to specify which events & merchandise.

Ultra Premium Offerings

Gourmet Buffet Lunch


Luxury Seated Private Dining


Waiter Service at Lunch

Feather Check-in Service


Premium Drink Offerings


Costume Adjustment at Lunch