FAQs | Xodus Jamaica Carnival
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Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t log into my account. How can I reset my password?

You can send a request via email to support@caribbeanos.com or
xodus@xoduscarnival.com or send a DM to the official Instagram @xoduscarnival

Can an upgrades/changes be made after registration?

Changes cannot be made to your costumes. However, you may send your upgrade
requests via email to xodus@xoduscarnival.com , send a DM to the official
Instagram @xoduscarnival or visit our showroom. Upgrade requests are subject to

Where is the Showroom located?

The Xodus showroom is located at 3 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston 6.

What are the opening times for the showroom?

The Xodus showroom is open at from 11am – 7pm on Monday – Fridays and 12pm
– 4pm on Saturdays.

Is there a VIP for Xodus Carnival?

Absolutely. The VIP section of Xodus Carnival is called Envy.

What does Envy offer?
  • Revelers who purchase an Envy costume receive complimentary tickets to
    all Xodus fetes.


  • Envy revelers have their very own section at the lunch stop


  • Envy revelers will have their own trucks on the road, including an air-
    conditioned lounge truck


  • Envy Revelers have a separate costume distribution for faster access &
    deliverables equipped with a fully stocked bar.


  • Sure there’s more
How much is the deposit?

The deposit before December 16 is USD$150 for revelers outside of the Envy


Envy revelers pay $200 before December 16 2022 as their deposit.
If you haven’t made a deposit before December 16, initial payments will be $300
for all revelers at registration.

After Registration, how much will the next payment be?

Between January and February, revelers are expected to pay USD$300 or balance
of the costume cost. New Deposits after December 16 th 2022 will have a minimum
payment of USD$300 or 50% of Costume Total. All costume balances must be
settled by March 31 st , 2023.

What are the payment methods?

Our Accounts are:

JMD – Dream Entertainment, Sagicor Checking Account 5502830262
USD – Dream Entertainment, Sagicor Savings Account 5502830278

Hope Road Branch

Cash/Debit/Credit Card – 3 Musgrave Avenue, Kingston 6

What are the payment terms

Payment schedule is as follows:
Deposit: USD $150 before December 16th


Deposit : USD $300 between December 17th & January 1st
50% of your outstanding balance is due February 28th
Final Balance is due on March 31 st

Will I be able to fit my costume before carnival day?

Costume distribution begins the week prior to the Road March

Can alterations be done after pick up?

Xodus does not make alterations to costumes. Revelers are advised to use their
seamstresses for all alterations.

Can I get frontline pieces with a backline costume?

Frontline costume pieces are not optional for backline purchases.

Can I purchase any extra pieces with my costume?

Yes you can!). Additional pieces such as thongs, Accessories, feathered pieces,
backpacks etcetera will be indicated as an option where applicable.

What information will be required for registration?

ALL masqueraders must provide the following information for registration:


General Information
• Name
• Date of Birth
• Email Address (1 per masquerader)
• Phone Number (including area code)
• Meal Preference


• Bra Size
• Underwear Size


• Pants Size (waist)
• Chest size: S, M, L etc.)

What happens if I input the inaccurate information into the registration system?

After registration, there will be neither size/section changes nor amendments to the registration information. We require you to be as accurate as you can, changes WILL NOT be accommodated.

Can Someone else collect a costume on my behalf?

Yes they can, we understand that some masqueraders may not have the time or be in the country to collect at distribution time, please have your representative collect your costume with a detailed signed letter, a XODUS receipt and a copy of your Valid ID. We will request a Valid ID from your authorized person as well.

I missed my distribution date, what can I do?

You can collect your costume at a later date. Please note that your wait time
maybe longer as the section/s scheduled on that date will be given priority.

What is my section line up?

Section line up will be released closer to Carnival Sunday, please check our Social Media platforms and website for updates.